5 Tips To Increase Our CTR for Google Adsense

Just as you should optimize your pages for the search engines, you should optimize Adsense for your visitors. You don't want to trick your users into clicking on your ads (in order to ensure the continuation of the program, it's important that advertisers receive visitors that convert to sales), but you absolutely want to make sure your visitors notice the ads. The following five tips will help:

1. Put Adsense where people will notice the ads. This is a big one. Try above the fold and within the content. If you use CSS, a floating box works nicely. Definitely, don't stick the ads way over on the right side of the page or below the fold. (Letakkan Iklan di tempat yang mudah ditemukan / menarik perhatian pengunjung)

2. Don't use words in your content that will trigger Public Service Announcements For example, text related to violence is a big no-no. (Jangan Memakai kata - kata yang justru dapat memancing munculnya iklan layanan masyarakat, seperti kata2 jorok, kasar dll).

3. Blend the background and border to match the page's background. You don't want to trick visitors into clicking, but you don't want them deadened by banner blindness either. (Buat warna Background dan Border Iklan serasi dengan warna bacground web / blog anda)

4. Make sure there is enough keyword rich content (text) on your pages so Adsense can figure out what ads to display instead of showing Public Service Announcements. In particular, ensure you have used your keywords in your title and H1 tags.
(Pastikan bahwa isi postingan ada relevansi dengan jenis - jenis iklan yang mungkin muncul, Gunakan judul postingan sesuai dengan isi).

5. Don't put a lot of other ads on your page that will distract visitors from Adsense (or your content for that matter). Cluttered pages make it hard to find things, detracting from usability. (Hindari pemakaian iklan dalam jumlah yang berlebih sehingga justru menggangu / mengacaukan perhatian pengunjung)

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