The file extension on Computer

In 21th century computer is one of the most important thing to have. Everything is doing by computer. In every sector of business we also use a computer to help us doing our job. And everyday the technology is growing. But we must more be careful with using computer in our job if we do any mistake the data can be missing. Maybe because a virus which can come from anywhere or because we do something wrong by installing a new software.

But we don’t have to be worry about that because we can fixing our softwear by using files extention, such as file extention PPS, BIN and DMG.

Below we will explain about three of kind file extention above :

File extention PPS
The file extension .pps is identified as a PowerPoint Slide Show closely identified with the software application Microsoft PowerPoint. It is stored as completed slide shows that can be viewed but not edited. The slide show, which is referenced by the file extension .pps, is a digital presentation made of different slides displayed in successive sequences similar to those in old slide projectors. The .pps file extension can be applied with enhancements such as animations and transitions as well as the incorporation of narration, music, and various audio effects. It can also be executed unattended with user-customized time sequences. Slide Show presentations are commonly displayed with the use of digital projectors for the benefit of numerous audiences.

File extention BIN
File extention If Windows cannot find the appropriate program associated with .BIN files, then your registry may have errors. Check your Windows registry for errors (includes file association errors).

Binary Files The BIN file extension can be associated with a variety separate functions or programs, of which the main one denotes a binary file output. BIN files can only properly be opened using the software that created them. If it isnt immediately obvious which program generated the file there are a few tricks you can use to identify the software. Firstly you can search through the file using a text editor looking for any hints about the original generator. Alternatively the folder in which the file is sits might also give an indication, as well as the time and date the file was created. BIN files can become compromised with viruses and should be treated with a certain care.

File extention DMG
The .DMG file extension, which stands for Macintosh Disk Image, is what the common Windows user might see as an .EXE file. There are differences between the two, however- and getting a .DMG file to work on Windows can be frustrating for many; although it is possible.

What is a .DMG File For?

A .DMG file is interesting in the sense that it can act as an .EXE file, or even a complete drive. Technically defined, the .DMG is a compressed disk file- much like an .ISO file for Windows users.

.DMG files have replaced the .IMG file type that was seen in previous versions of the Macintosh operating systems. The .DMG file type is primarily used to mount a virtual image onto a drive. We need this type of functionality often to mimic the effect of having a physical CD in a read drive. This is commonly used to get around CD requirements, which can load down an organization's efficiency and waste resources.

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