Promote Your Event With The Right Peoples use Facebook

Facebook Pages are a powerful way to reach a mass audience and their friends. Sometimes, however, you’ll want to limit who sees what. Here are three tools to help:

(1) Targeted Messaging: When you send a message to fans, you can target it by geography, gender, and age. For example, a musician can promote a concert to fans in the area. When sending an update, check the “Target this update” box.

(2) Age Restrictions for Pages: You can restrict your Page to users over age 13, 17, 18, 19, or 21, or the legal drinking age where they live. On your Page’s edit page, scroll down to “Settings” at the bottom.

(3) New FBML Tags: If you use FBML (, you can restrict content by country and age. For example, if you have licensed content for U.S. and Canada users only, you can to restrict it to those countries, and show alternative content to other users. More details are on the Facebook Developers Blog:

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