Use The Keyless Lock For Your Safety

At these time we must more careful to anyone and anything. Crimes are everywhere. In our office, in our school, in the streets, even in our own home. It threats us like a disease. Although we know and familiar with the people but it is important to always beware. As we know that in USA several time ago, some college students shot their own friends. Many student are dead. In newspaper I read, almost everyday we found a criminal news, murders, thiefs, robberies etc. For example in our home although we already lock our door when we go out , but it is not guarantee that it is safe.

To avoid the robbery and thief, the simple thing we do, is lock our door eventhough we are at home. But if we use the usual key it is not too safe. Because they can break our key. Or maybe just because we want more safe, we hide the key too deeply, so we forget where we hide it before. It can be happen to us, because it happened to me. So me myself who break my own door to open it. Now we can use the keyless lock. It means, that we use key but not with the usual key. Many kinds of keyless lock such as, fingerprint door lock, key with pin code etc.

It more secure because we can not forget like we use the usual key. But I think it more safe if we use a fingerprint door lock, if we use key with pin code we can forget the code maybe. Because our fingerprint is always with us, just stamp in our fingerprint to our door and the door will open, or maybe if some else try to open our door the alarm will ring. Do not worry to use this key because we can adjust who fingerprint can open your door.

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